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Hearing Aids

How do Hearing Aids Work

Inside each aid, a microphone picks up sound waves from the air and converts them to electrical signals. These are made louder by an amplifier and then the receiver converts the processed signal back into sound waves and directs them into your ear.

Hearing instrument technology has advanced rapidly over the last few years. Modern instruments contain a range of high-tech features that can help you understand speech better and which will make your listening experience much more comfortable. These digital hearing aids can be precisely tailored to your particular needs.

Why Two Ears are Better than One
More than 50% of those with a hearing loss are affected in both ears.
Studies show that, even when a hearing loss is more severe in one ear, many hearing-impaired people can still benefit from the natural sound-gathering ability of both ears. Years of clinical and field trial research have shown the following benefits of binaural amplification (wearing two hearing aids) over wearing just one:

  • a more normal, balanced sound
  • better overall sound quality
  • better understanding in group situations
  • a more relaxed listening experience (never having to turn to the good ear)
  • the ability to set volume controls lower, enabling the wearer to hear sound at a softer, more comfortable level
  • the most important role of binaural amplification is to improve the wearer’s ability to identify the source of a particular sound. The brain uses signals from both ears to determine the direction a sound is coming from. Without the ability to hear properly with both ears, situations such as finding the person who’s calling your name, determining whether someone’s knocking at the front or back door, or crossing the street can be difficult or even dangerous.

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Styles of Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are available in several styles designed to meet your hearing needs.

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Hearing Aid Prices

The prices for hearing aids can range depending on the level of technology. The more expensive they are, the more features you will be getting. These features are primarily designed to provide more comfort in the presence of background sounds and to hear better in noisy environments.

Which hearing aid is best for you is determined with the results of your hearing test, the type of damage that is causing the hearing loss and your lifestyle needs. All hearing aids are individually programmed based on your needs regardless of style or technology level.

Hearing aids today also come with Bluetooth technology, chargers, FM capability and downloadable apps to help you ‘hear life.’

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